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    (please ignore the wrong grammar/s and wrong spelling/s. english isn’t my mother tongue. xx )

    After the interview, you received loads and loads of hates about you and Harry’s relationship. You cried when you checked your instagram account and read the comments on some of the pictures you posted.

    "Eww!!! (insert instagram username) and Harry doesn’t even look good together"

    "(insert instagram username) you’re too short for Harry"

    " I saw a pic of (your instagram username) and she’s so ugh!!! she’s so ugly! Ewwness"

    " @harrystyles is mine only. Back off (your instagram username)"

    And after a few seconds, Harry posted a photo of you and him together on his instagram account with a caption… ” I checked my notifications just now and read these harsh words throwing to my girlfriend, (You instagram username). I am so disappointed. A few months ago, someone tweeted me saying that I should speak about our real status. But when i did, this is what happened next. Please stop sending her harsh tweets because it’s making me and my girlfriend sad. If you, guys love me, you should love her too.”

    You went to a One Direction concert with Gemma (Harry’s sister), the day after Harry posted the photo. And in the middle of their concert, Harry stood up from where he was seated and tried to look for you in the crowd.

    " Finally, I saw my loving girlfriend and my sister. They’re over there! " He said pointing to you and Gemma. " About my post on my instagram yesterday, if some people didn’t like it, i don’t know what I am going to do next. I love my girlfriend so much, and I hate seeing her hurt everytime she read the comments on her twitter and instagram account. If you really don’t like me and (Y/N) together, please, i’m begging you to stop saying those hurting words to her. Just send them to me. Don’t tag it to her…" Harry said and he became teary-eyed. " I love you (Y/N), and i will always will no matter what." He added and ended up his ‘speech-like’ message by giving you a flying kiss.

    "Auwww. Sweet speach, Hazza. And (Y/N), be strong. And we dedicate this song to you. " Liam said and then the song called "YOU & I" played.

    THE END.

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  • "I just slept 14 hours my family thought I died." -Ariana Grande

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    (just focus on HARRY’s face, okay?)

    Harry Styles is your boyfriend and he was in an interview with his bandmates. They first talk about their new album and tour. And your boyfriend was very relaxed that time.

    But when the interviewer turned the talk to you. (look at the pic.)—- HARRY’s face.

    Your boyfriend blushed and tried to talk about something else. By saying “GO, pre-order our album.”

    But the interviewer said, ” Hey Styles, you’re being obvious. Just confirm it… That you and (Y/N) are together now”

    Blushing, your boyfriend looked to the camera and said. “I love you, (Y/N).”

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  • One Direction will be having their concert in your country. One of the lads, Niall Horan, decided to have his lunch somewhere outside the hotel they were staying. He had his lunch at the famous resto in your country. He was seated outside.

    Walking down the streets few meters away from where he is, you didn’t notice him.

    But when he saw you, he stopped from eating and stared at you.

    His jaw dropped when he saw you and was stunned by your beauty. He took a picture of you and after that and looked at you again. A few seconds later, his friend suddenly distracted him.

    "Hey! Who or what are you staring at?" Niall’s friend smirked.

    "H- Huhh??? N- Nothing… Nothing." He stuttered looking at his friend.

    When he looked to where you were, he didnt see you anymore.


    When he got back to the hotel, he posted the stolen picture of you on his twitter and instagram account with the caption: “Please help me find this girl, guys…”

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  • "I would compare our band to either excited puppies or distracted squirrels."
    Luke Hemmings
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  • "I’ll hold you closer than I ever did before. And you’d never slip away. And you’d never hear me say."
    5sos (amnesia)